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Did you know that clogged gutters can be the underlying cause of many
problems in your home, including dampness, mould, and, in severe situations,
Rainwater rushes off your roof tiles and overows the guttering structure,
owing down your outside wall and being absorbed by the porous bricks,
stones, or cement on your walls when you have blocked downpipes or clogged

Overowing water can create moisture to inltrate its way through the outer
wall, generating dampness and mould inside your home, which can lead to
health issues, including respiratory problems, for you and your family if left for
longer durations.

With over a year of expertise working on properties of various shapes and sizes,
including residences, schools, workplaces, factories, and care homes, The Roof
Moss Cleaners is your local gutter cleaner for residential, commercial and
industrial gutter cleaning needs.

Gutter Vacuum Service For Clean Gutters

Our company prioritises safety, which is why we use Gutter Vacuum Systems similar to the SkyVac and a full selection of ladder safety supplies and telescopic gutter cleaning tools.
Our specialised gutter cleaning pole and our gutter vac systems can clear gutters up to three storeys high from the ground.

Our onboard engine supplies our market-leading 3600-watt gutter vacuum systems, which means we don’t demand access to your power to run our primary tool.

Ladders are utilised to carefully examine and clean clogged downpipes when it is safe and technically possible to do so, offering you complete peace of mind that your gutters are once again free of leaves, moss, and other debris. We don’t use a compressor, pressure washer, or power washer to clean your gutters!

DGM Exteriors

Gutter Cleaning and Repair Service

If your gutters are leaking, the most obvious reason is a clog. The second most likely cause is that the UPVC gutter has shifted away from the union, creating a leak.

Quick repairs are covered in our home gutter clearance service – if the repair does not involve any parts, and we can securely access the gutter from a ladder, we can help. Our crew can repair or replace UPVC guttering, as well as concrete guttering or cast iron gutter repairs.

Industrial & Commercial Guttering Cleaning

Commercial gutter cleaning operations often start with an on-site survey to inspect the guttering system and address any requirements you as the customer may have concerning health and safety, working hours, and so on.
Our goal is to professionally clean the gutters of your commercial building without interfering with your company’s activities.

Whether your commercial building is a high-street major retailer, a school complex, a leisure centre, or a large warehouse, you can be condent that our experience will have your gutters cleaned and free-owing, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

We are assured by CITY AND GUILDS and experienced in the operation of all varieties of cherry pickers and man safe roof and gutter security systems and walkways, providing you peace of mind that your gutter clearing work will be
done perfectly.

For commercial jobs, we utilise a camera or a drone to photograph completed work – ideal for property management businesses returning to clients.

Manual Moss Scraping & Biocide Roof Wash/Treatment Services

A manual roof scrapes to clean the moss from the roof tiles before applying a biocidal roof washing treatment is our most effective way of roof cleaning for the majority of roofs. Our biocidal roof wash can kill any remaining biological life on your property’s roof, including moss spores and lichen.

This procedure is regarded by many as the mildest and most long-lasting method of removing years of lth and organic buildup from tiles. It is ideal for all tile types, such as concrete slabs, clay tiles, and organic slates. It also makes no difference whether your roof is tile or colour bond; our cleaning approach will remove the buildup of moss, algae, filth, and dust built up over time due to exposure to weather and elements.

Removing the silt from your tiles not only enhances the looks of your roof but also allows the specialists to examine more closely whether there are any hazardous areas such as repairing aged tiles or ridges, which can often be rectied while the experts are there or soon after.

Ultimately, DGM Exterior Cleaning uses high-pressure water cleaners of industrial quality. No matter how stubborn the lth is, proper cleaning will restore the roof to its previous condition.

Our Process

This is our technique for a thorough roof scrape and biocide treatment, honed
over many roofs cleaned by our crew…

Assessing On-Site Risk

When our team arrives at your home, we will do a risk analysis with you, the homeowner. This serves to keep you, your visitors, and our staff safe when we clean your roof. This is always done first before we set up.

Access Equipment Assembling

The workers will then erect the necessary access tools before climbing the roofline.

Moss Scraping From Top To Bottom

We start removing from the ridge tiles and work our way down every face of your roof. Utilising telescopic poles and a variety of specially designed roof cleaning scraper heads, carefully scraping moss from the face and lip of each

Gutters Clearing

After the roof has been cleared of debris, we will clear the complete guttering system, ensuring that all downpipes are clean. We also look for any visible issues with your guttering, such as gaps where the guttering joins the joints or corner pieces hanging down.

Utilisation Of Biocide Roof Wash

Lastly, we use the biocide to nish cleaning your roof. The biocide is skillfully applied by hose pipe and brushes with an electric pump. The pump applies the chemical at very reduced pressure, comparable to a garden hose.

Besides all, we will not leave your property in a state of disarray; we are totally licenced and insured. Our professionals are all highly skilled and take great admiration in their job.

Surrounding Areas Protection

We explore the property where moss will tumble during the roof scraping. Tarpaulins are then used to cover any difcult areas to clean off the moss. This enables us to keep your property as clean as physically possible when we finish.

Downpipes Blockage

We don’t like moss to reach the gutter drainage system needlessly, so all downpipes are veried to ensure they are blocked before we begin. We block them for the cleaning procedure if they are not otherwise blocked.

Loose Debris Blowing From the Roof

After scraping every face of your roof, we utilise a leaf blower to remove loose dirt from the roof tiles.

Tidy Up the Ground Level Thoroughly

Our team next starts work on a comprehensive clean-up on the ground level, with a leaf blower, shovel, and brooms to assure that debris is removed from all areas on the ground level. Debris, including that which has fallen into neighbouring properties, should cross the line. We constantly try to leave the area cleaner than when we came!

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